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“Whenever my body is in need of a tune-up, I make an appointment with Dr. Jordan Michels. More than just a standard chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Michels offers a method of chiropractic care that focuses on connecting with the nervous system in order to free the spinal tension that causes misalignment. This type of treatment is known as Network Chiropractic. I like to refer to it as “energy work” as it assists both the skeletal as well as the nervous system. I appreciate Dr. Michels’ professionalism, his thorough exams and his commitment towards assisting others towards wellness.”

“Jordan is skillful at many treatment modalities, versatile, knowledgeable, compassionate, and takes plenty of time to take care of each client in a very personal way. If you need to feel well cared for and given the attention you deserve from a chiropractor, and not just rushed through a five minute crack and go, give Jordan’s office a call now!”

“Dr. Michels had been recommended to me for years before I actually went. I have no idea what was slowing me down or distracting me but his practice is wonderful and quite diverse, all within the umbrella of Chiropractics. His special ability is really being able to access which of the services that he provides is best for the situation and the individual for gaining strength, mobility and for pain relief.”

“He’s also knowledgeable in regards to supplements and other items that may enhance and speed up the process. His office is clean, warm and inviting, as an adjunct to his home. His office staff Janine, is wonderful and just another positive addition to a great experience. One which I highly recommend.”

“I’ve been dealing with chronic neck pain for a couple of decades. I’ve worked with multiple doctors and therapists over the years and have had no significant relief until I started seeing Dr. Michels. He knew right away what my issue was and seemed confident he could help me. After only the second visit I could tell we were moving in the right direction. He’s easy to schedule and visits are quick-no having to wait to see the doctor as he only books one patient in his office at a time. I highly recommend.”

“Jordan Michels, D.C. is conscientious and thorough. His adjustments are precise and effective. He also uses various tools to supplement his chiropractic care and stays current on medical developments and modalities. Most important, Jordan is a caring and thoughtful person who genuinely cares. I highly recommend him.”

“I started seeing Dr. Michels in 2014 for a long-standing injury from high school sports (over 15 years ago!), that never healed properly and lead to a plethora of bodily compensations leading to the usual asymmetry and general discomfort. With time, patience, dedication, and a variety of modalities, Dr. Michels helped me resolve this injury fully, so I can be as active as I want to be. Having seen other chiropractors before that offer quick, in ‘n out adjustments, I especially respect his openness to using a variety of techniques, and the proper attention he brings to appointments. I always look forward to seeing him and appreciate his gentle, sensitive demeanor. Highly recommend!”

“We have used Dr. Michels for our chiropractic services for over 10 years. That should tell you how much we respect his services. We have referred a number of relatives and friends, all who keep going back. Great doctor!”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Michels for a number of years and have found his therapy to be highly effective. Also, he does not push for repeat visits unless they are necessary. I have recommended him to friends.”

“I have been going to Dr. Michels for at least 30 yrs. I first started going to him when he lived in Myrtle Creek. When he moved to Eugene I followed him there because I couldn’t find anyone who helped me as much as he did. There were times when I could barely crawl into his office and was able to walk out after his treatment. I highly recommend Doc to anyone who needs chiropractic treatment. He’s always been there for me when I needed help. And besides he and Jenene like my tamales.”

“Dr. Michels uses his diverse background and multifaceted techniques to address complicated cases. Personally had an ongoing pain situation for several years. I saw many chiropractic doctors medical doctors, physical therapy etc. Started seeing Dr. Michels at the recommendation of my brother. He made a difference after the very first appointment and shortly after several more appointments, became nearly pain free. I’m a body worker and now refer all my clients to him when cases are complicated. I continue to see him for maintenance.”

“Dr. Michels and his staff are some of the best I’ve ever encountered. Effective and wide ranging treatments, efficient and painless appointment process, and very affordable. And the office space is beautiful too!”

“Dr. Michels spends quality time with each patient and has many tools to work with that help the body return to balance and health. Highly recommended!!”

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Michels for more than 12 years, and he is the best chiropractor I’ve ever worked with. I’ve had lower-back problems all of my adult life, and while a multitude of chiropractors have worked on my back with various treatments and results, Michels has FIXED my back and I live almost pain free. I’ve seen me coming into his office with a cane when I sprained or strained my back, and in severe pain. Michels had me up and about and pain free within two manipulations. Now I see him for maintenance, or (God forbid), when I wrench my lower back. He’s my “fixer”.”

“Dr. Michels has immensely helped release pain and tension in my lower and upper back. I was afraid of going to a chiropractor after hearing so many horror stories from friends who had bad experiences other places. My mind changed after hearing all the of the good reviews and repeat visits from my coworkers. We all work on a farm, which needless to say, is back breaking work. After my first visit with Dr. Michaels I immediately felt a positive change. Not only did my body feel more at ease, my mind did as well because I now know that I have someone to go to that I can trust. The office is calming and inviting, just like Dr. Michels and his staff.”