The office is located adjacent to Dr. Michels residence at

2960 Adams St. in Eugene

  1. Last House up Adams (South of 28th Ave.)
  2. Please respect the neighborhood. Drive very slow as there are young kids present.
  3. Park alongside the house on the right side of the street parallel to the road.
  4. Follow the pathway at the upper end of the property under the rose arbor to the front porch.
  5. Come in the door on the left marked office. If it is locked ring the door bell.

Directions From:

Directions from Willamette Street:

  1. Turn west on 29th Ave. (Woodfield Station-Market of Choice)
  2. Turn right at Washington St. (Do not veer L. on to Lorraine Hwy)
  3. Go one block and turn L on 28th Ave.
  4. Continue one block past traffic light (Friendly St.- The Healthy Pet, Dairy Mart)
  5. Turn left on Adams.
  6. Proceed as above on top.

Directions from Chambers Street:

  1. Turn east on 28th Ave. (at the blinking red lights).
  2. Turn right (south) on Adams (If you get to the light at Friendly St. you have gone one block to far).
  3. Proceed as above at top.

Directions from I-105 / Jefferson Street:

  1. Exit straight on I-105 (Fairgrounds exit).
  2. It becomes Jefferson St. at 7th ave  (traffic light).
  3. Proceed south on Jefferson St.
  4. At 13th Ave. (traffic light)  jog Left to continue south on Jefferson St.
  5. Turn left (west) at 28th Ave.  (Jefferson St. ends here).
  6. Continue one block past traffic light (Friendly St.- The Healthy Pet, Dairy Mart).
  7. Turn left on Adams.
  8. Proceed as above at top.