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  • Neck, back, arms, legs, hands, muscles  & nerves
  • Stress, Pain, Tension
  • Structural and Low Force Adjustments 
  • Nutritional Advice and Professional Supplements
  • Acute and Chronic Problems and Pain
  • Health and Auto Insurance Welcome Accepting
  • New Patients – Free Consultation

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Dr. Michels has 40 years of experience!

Healing comes from within and the healers job is to increase the vital energy and  remove obstacles to its flow throughout the body. Dr. Michels is dedicated to helping you create a healing environment that works for you.

Safe, gentle, versatile and effective Chiropractic

Accepting new patients. We care for patients of all ages and all health challenges.
Honoring the relationship between the spine, emotions, joy in life, and healing”

Nutritional Consultations and Professional Supplements

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