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  • Gentle, Effective, Healing for the Body and Mind

  • Nutritional Advice and Professional Supplements

  • Dietary Counseling

  • Acute and Chronic Problems and Pain

  • Neck, back, arms, legs, hands, muscles  & nerves

  • Structural and Low Force Adjustments

  • Infrared Laser for Healing and Relaxation

  • Custom Orthotics for foot & leg problems & Spinal Stabilization

  • Health and Auto Insurance Welcome


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Dr Michels has 30 years of experience taking care of a wide range of people of all ages dealing with all kinds of health and life challenges. Healing comes from within and the healers job is to increase the vital energy and  remove obstacles to its flow throughout the body. Dr Michels is dedicated to helping you create a healing environment that works for you. Please click here for more info on Dr. Michels.

Honoring the relationship between the spine, emotions, joy in life, and healing.

Structural correction is essential to allowing nerve impulses and energy to flow through the body. The skeletal structure, the muscular and fascial systems, and meridian systems all work together to create a resilient whole. The best results address all these.  Dr. Michels uses a variety of safe and gentle techniques such as standard manual techniques  and low force precision adjusting, and percussive massage instruments, infrared laser and much more.  Please click here for more info on Chiropractic Healing and Network Chiropractic.

Accepting New Patients

Healing is a natural process of life that is always available to us.  Healing occurs when we release old stuck patterns and commit to the new possibilities.  If you are committed to your healing process I will be honored to join you on the journey. Please click here for info on our office and policies.

Consultation - No Charge

Dr. Michels will discuss your health concerns without charge.  It is important that you know you are in the best place begin your healing. Call us to set up a time to meet.

Nutritional and Health Care Products

Pure Encapsulations - Hypo-allergenic professional supplements - We carry some in the office or for detailed information and orders shipped directly to you go to our Pure Encapsulation Website.

Additional nutritional and health products can be found in the office or online at