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Network chiropractic is a synthesis or “network” of effective healing systems.  By monitoring the stress held in the body the right technique at the right time can be used.  Network focuses on catalyzing your own innate healing capacity.

Modalities Used:

  • Myofascial Release.  Chronic problems, surgeries, and injuries can result in adhesion’s and scar tissue around the muscles  and visceral organs.  Specialized techniques that stretch the muscles while using pressure points, Applied Kinesiology, and percussive massage to release deep chronic spasm, normalize movement and unwind myofacial tensions.
  • Acu-Meridian Balancing.  A sensitive instrument the Electro-Acuscope is used to graph the energy of the meridians.  A non-needle technique is used to help balance the bodies energy system to remove pain and promote healing.
  • Super Pulse Infrared Laser Technology.  Our laser penetrates inside tissues deeply, up to 5 inches, and provides powerful stimulating influence on blood circulation,  muscle healing and the regeneration of tissues. Laser has a healing effect on inflammation, provides pain reduction, reduces edema and relaxes muscle spasms.
  • Nutrition.  The body cannot heal without nutrients and herbs to rebuild and balance itself and optimize metabolism.  They can also help to prevent disease and minimize the effects of stress and aging.  Basic nutritional and dietary counseling is included in regular care
  • Foot Leveler Orthodics Sandals Shoes.  Custom insoles are available for proper arch and spinal support.  They are available with shock absorption materials and magnets. (Prices range from $125-$275)
  • X-Ray & Lab Tests.  X-rays, blood and urine tests, hormone levels, digestive function and parasite tests can be ordered as needed.
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  1. You were recommended to me by Hazel Courtman. I will call for an appointment. Thank you

    • I will look forward to seeing you. Remind us of your subscription to this blog and you will get a discount. You can also friend our facebook page for more regular updates if you are on facebook. Just click the facebook thing in the lower right of this website. – Jordan

  2. 541 687-9528

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